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How to Replace an Astra Roof Hose

Replacement Astra Roof Hose

How to Replace an Astra Roof Hose?

The team at ALNO are help to offer phone support for customers that purchase our roof hose.

Astra Cabriolet Roof Latches

Over the past 10+ years we’ve seen many unprofessional fittings done by local hose replacement companies or mechanics. Where Hose have been cut & shut and in many case the brazed hoses can create pressure build up in the hydraulic system.

Many of our customers suggest that the roof has never closed so quickly.

50% of our sales are to Holden dealerships and 35% of our products are exported.

Come the summer months we receive weekly phone calls per month from hose fitting companies requesting advice on how to fix Astra roofs.


Astra Roof Hose

Astra Roof Hose

Astra Convertible Roof Oil

  Astra Convertible Roof Oil

The team at ALNO Product Services are specialist in servicing Astra Convertible roofs our team export latches, Oil, hose along with advice on fitting across the world to UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Many of our products come with a 2 years warranty furthermore our customers are selling there Astra Convertibles with a 2 year warranty get a higher dollar value that just the market value of their car.


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