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Holden Astra Twin Top Problems

Holden Astra Twin top roof repairs

Are you having problems with you roof not working

Holden astra convertible

the roof stopping at various points whenever it feels like it

Are you getting a beep, beep, beep, beeping noise when driving over 35Km/h

Or Is your boot lid locked

And you cannot open it.

Sometimes a parcel shelf flap or winglet does not move or stops when it wants

Is it annoying and you don’t know what to do

Holden Astra Twin Top Problems

Basically, the team at ALNO help customers that purchase our parts

ALNO can help you

Yes, you can purchase the parts cheaper on the Chinese websites or from overseas even from the UK

but if the supplier does on own an Astra or know how to fault find on the Astra convertible why purchase the cheap parts if they don’t work or you cannot get them to work.

If so then you already know you have got a roof related problem, but you may not want to go to a dealer for a costly repair, which initially will cost in the region of $150 each hour for diagnostics.

Then we are not sure if that will fix the problem

ALNO are an Australian company yet it is derived from Alan Nottingham

 originally an English man yet a gun of a tradesman

We support Australian convertible owners we offer technical support for customers that purchase our parts if you are a owner, mechanical or even a Holden dealership

The team at ALNO are happy to assist you if you purchase components from our company

Technical Support for your Astra Twintop Roof Problems

The team ALNO specialize in assisting Mechanics, Owners and Dealerships with technical support

50% of our sales are purchased buy Holden Dealerships

60% of our technical Support calls are Holden Dealerships

For more information contact ALNO Automotive




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9 Comments to “Holden Astra Twin Top Problems”

  1. Tom Mull says:

    Hi there I have recently purchased astra convertable. roof needs attention. engine was replaced and roof has failed to work. one roof giy said it needed the hydrolic oil…it beeps 6 times when pressing the roof button. no movement latches opening nothing. please help.


  2. Tom Mull says:

    >> Wondering if you can help me
    >> My Astra Twintop 2007 windows go down roof goes down but stops there
    >> After trying to get it to move it all of sudden closes this is
    >> happening all the time can you fix this problem asap
    >> Many Thanks
    >> John

  3. Tom Mull says:

    I have a 2009 Astra twin top and my rood is not working. It will unlock and attempt to open but it then jams and open or close and have a constant ding ding noise and boot won’t close properly. Any ideas what I can do to fix it please

    Many thanks


  4. Tom Mull says:

    Im a car dealer in Perth with a 2009 ah astra twin top convertible do you have anyone over here who could advise us how to repair i have had a auto electrician look at it with no luck any help would be appreciated he advised us that there is no power signal coming from the control module to the actuators in the rear and that there is no issues with wiring like breaks..

    Will a holden Tek2 machine find the fault?

    Lee Eastough

  5. Jackie says:

    Hi everyone, not sure if anyone can help

    I would be most grateful for any advice.

    I’ve had my Holden Astra Twin Top 1.8 design since June, it’s a 2007 and I’ve absolutely loved it.

    Occasionally the roof gets stuck when I’m trying to put it down, and I’ve had to put it back up then down again a few times before finally getting it to work.

    Today however it just would not budge and then only one of the panels that go out to the side went out, and the other one’s motor continued moving but has come away from the panel.

    Have heard about some models being fitted with plastic cogs that were then replaced with metal ones to stop this happening.

    At the moment my car is stuck on my drive with roof half up, half down!

    The roof will not budge.

    Have it booked in with the Holden Dealer tomorrow morning, they are charging $350/hour to look at it, then I’m worried what they will try to charge me.

    Should this be done free of charge does anyone know as it’s a common fault?

    Sorry for the long winded explanation, just want to get as much info as I can before the morning so that I’m prepared.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can help


  6. Keith says:

    I have a Holden Astra 2007 twin top

    I had a problem with the roof in that one of the parcel shelf wings didn’t come out as cog stripped so raised the roof manually and I got the metals replacements off EBAY.

    Question is what do I do now then ?

    How do I reset the roof to work again as at the moment the boot lid does not open and over 35 Kms/h alarm pings.

    Do I need to send it to the Holden Dealership ? if so any other recommendations from anyone who had the same problem?

    I just don’t trust the dealer after the last service

    Woy Woy

  7. Anonymous says:

    On My Astra Twin Top I have

    • In active parcel shelf sensor status
    • In active luggage protection status

    Have a Parcel Shelf cylinder with sensors arriving tomorrow

    But cannot get the luggage protection status to come off inactive

    Any Help would be awesome


    Any ideas would be awesome

  8. Anonymous says:

    I got Holden Astra Twin Top Roof Problems

    Can someone please help me


  9. Sam says:

    We have been incredibly fortunate with our Holden Astra Twin Top Convertible I call it “My Transformer”.

    The problems we have had have been very minor and quickly resolved.

    This car has never let us down and is incredibly reliable.

    This is very important for me particularly, because I am disabled, a wheelchair user, and being stranded or unable to get somewhere would be a major problem and concern to me and my husband.

    Our car has not yet needed any work to go I hope we don’t have any of these Roof Problems.

    Her servicing costs are very reasonable.

    Our main cost is petrol, which due to the nature of our driving habits lots of short journeys, lots of about town and stop / start driving.

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