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Holden Astra Roof – Oil Leak – Roof Stuck

Oil Leak – Holden Astra Roof

Another week another failure somehow a backyard mechanic (auto-trimmer) has used cable tires to keep the latches from coming apart. This is a first when the Owner’s partner got in the car to open the roof the hydraulic pump failed costing $5500. The owner was not a happy camper particularly when the auto-trimmer was not going to assist in the replacement of the pump.

We not sure how true this but we have recent had a customer in which we assisted in getting there roof moving again ….. from Brisbane they had Aluminum 6061 Blocks fitted to there roof latches which resulted in four of there hydraulic hoses in a single day. From what we can gather or what we have been told is that after fitting these block and replacing four hoses and the roof control unit failed. These parts had been fitted by a Brisbane operator and they were not ALNO Product Services Parts

ALNO Product Services have been supplying Hydraulic lines along with the Hydraulic oil for the past 5 years

For more information on the oil and or oil lines please contact Alno Product Services.

For prices on all of the Alno Product Services parts – Price list



In addition ALNO Product Services continue to supplying Holden Astra Roof Latches and fix up backyard quick fixes.

If you are replacing broken latches with new ones Alno Product Services are more than happy to purchase the broken latches.

More information about ALNO Product Services

Broken latches to be couriered / posted to: ALNO Product Services 4/10 Grieve Cl West Gosford NSW 2250

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