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Hard Top Twin Top Soft Top Astra Roof Repairs

Hard Top – Twin Top – Soft Top – Astra Roof Repairs

The team at ALNO repair or restoring the functionality of a number of both Astra Hard and Soft Tops

ALNO restore Astra convertible roof systems using a combination of ALNO parts and genuine parts.

In general terms there iPrecision Engineering - Alnos a direct relationship between cost of restoring the roof and the number of mechanics that have tried to restore its operation.

Many owners have attempted to repair the electro-hydraulic roof systems themselves or rely on mechanics that are not trained to restore the Holden Astra Convertibles.

We are coming across more and more internet quick fixes in some case these quick fixes cost more than Holden dealers quote.

Even in some cases the roof loses more functionality after Holden Dealerships offer a quotation yet not all Holden Dealerships are the same many still have employees that were trained to maintain these convertibles at a minimum of 8 years ago

In terms of volumes sold 50% of the automotive parts sold by ALNO Product Services are purchased by Holden Dealerships or General Motors Dealerships across the the Globe.

Cost Effective Roof Parts

    Convertibles Roof Parts  

This cost benefit analysis remains consistent across the range of the Astra convertible roof systems be it hard or soft top convertibles. The less people that try to maintain the roof the more cost effective maintaining the roof is.

Furthermore costs rise where untested / unproven or experimental parts are installed with many causing additional failure through out the system.

Quality Roof Parts


Astra Roadside Service

If you have purchased Hose sets or Latch sets from ALNO product services directly in the pasted 2 years and have a warranty for you product then you are entitled to road side service.

ALNO Product Services are now operating a road side service if your roof fails then call ALNO Product Services and we will get your roof moving again the only tool you will need is an M4 Allen key that is for the TS Astra.

Astra Cabriolet Roof Latches

In terms of The AH Astra twin top or hard top the car is designed to drive at 30km/h even if the roof is stuck

The Team at Alno can get your Astra roof locked in and you can drive home rather than have the NRMA road side assistance tow you to a Holden dealer where you can be taken for a ride.

For more information on the ALNO Product Services road side assistance

The team at ALNO Product Services have been developing parts for the Astra TS and AH Convertible since 2005

for more information with regard to the Astra Convertible roofs

Convertible Roof Hose

ALNO Offer Replacement Hoses for a range of Convertible Roofs our team offer

  • Australian made Roof hose – to order Australian made roof Hose offer the shelf Convertible Roof Hose
  • Custom made Roof Hose
  • Chinese made Roof Hose

To Order Chinese made hose and custom made Hose Contact ALNO

Convertible Roof Oil

With regard to selecting the best oil to suit your convertible.


Our Australian Degree Qualified Engineering team also suggests when buying roof oil for your convertible the type of oil should suit the climate where you live. In terms of viscosity our engineers suggest that the viscosity of oil basically is reduced by half for each temperature increase of 10 degrees that when purchasing convertible roof oil.

This explains why your hoses blow on a hot day and why in England and Tasmania they replace more pump motors than other warmer regions.


Astra Cabriolet Roof Latches

Hard Top – Twin Top – Soft Top – Astra Roof Repairs

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36 Comments to “Hard Top Twin Top Soft Top Astra Roof Repairs”

  1. James says:

    Good evening,

    I have a 2007 twin top astra convertible and the roof has stopped working on it. It has happened once before and we took it to holden to get it fixed. $2000 later and the problem has happened again but Holden say it is something different than what they fixed last time.

    I live in Perth, WA, do you have or know of a specialist over here we can take it to to get fixed properly?


  2. Hayley says:

    Hello there

    I have an Holden Astra Twin top convertible 2007 and need a boot harness problem

    Do you have this part available?


  3. Roger says:

    Hi my twin top 2009 has started to stop after the boot top opens.

    Sometimes if I hold the opening button for a couple of minutes the top completes the full cycle.

    It may work a couple of times but then will stop at the opening stage

    I don’t have any problems with the boot

  4. Donald says:

    The Staff at ALNO were Quite Helpful

    Thanks you guys are awesome


  5. Timothyhot says:

    Thanks getting My roof Working Again


  6. Leonard Dart says:

    I was Quoted $4K to get my roof fixed

    Anthony fixed it for less than $2K

    That feels so good to drive with my roof off and no beeping


  7. Anna says:

    Awesome my Convertible roof is working again


  8. shelia says:

    I got My Twin Top Convertible Fixed By ALNO

    It work perfect now


  9. MarvinLen says:

    Anthony at ALNO had my roof working in half and hour and were $2000 cheaper than Holden

  10. Randy foems says:

    My roof is working again

  11. Chery says:

    Hi I am in Perth and need a roof repair..Astra twin top 07. Roof is down and jammed won’t go up. No one seems to know what to do … I don’t know where to go can you please help me with a contact address.
    Kind regards. Chez

  12. max says:

    DO you guys come to Brisbane

    I need help with my Astra Twin Top

  13. Lesley says:

    Hi still looking for somebody who can fix my roof on my twin top Holden Astra 2009. Spent 3,000 dollars so far and Holden still cannot find the problem. I’m using it as a sedan but would love to have my roof opening and closing like it should any chance you may be able to help?
    Thankyou Lesley

  14. Clive says:

    Hi team ALNO,

    I thought i might try my luck & ask with begging hands for a 2007 AH astra (twin top & boot wiring diagrams). Finding it hard to find the correct information.

    It would be very much appreciated.

  15. Sherena Corbett says:

    Hi i live in Perth WA at this stage i have no issues with my twintop 07. But if i do where do i find you or how would you suggest i take my car to.

  16. Simon says:

    I took My Astra To Holden dealer Metro Motors in Morley

    Those guys over there had no idea on how to fix the Astra Twin Top Convertible $9755 over 2 months

    It would of worked out better if t had a car accident and written it off

    I would never go there again


  17. Anthony says:

    Hello Zoe Reet and Micheal,

    I’m sorry i was unaware that there we some comments on this blog page.

    Guys if you are still have trouble with your Astra convertibles and you have your quotations from Holden. We don’t need to know the prices that Holden were going charge you we just need the list of parts

    Please send a copy to info@alnoproductservices.com.au and our team will either have someone.

    In many cases we have someone in your state or we may take a road trip stop by and fix your Astra on the spot.

    If you have any more questions you can always ring 0477 002 249


  18. Reet says:

    Thnx for reply
    Could u plz let me know any local Machnic in brisbane who fixed my car roof …nd what’s a problem whatever..

  19. Reet says:

    Hi,I have Astra twin top 2007.i have been having the problem with roof.got a roof stuck sometime open Nd sometime not open ND then I took it to a Holedn dealers who has quoted to me nearly 4000 $ that’s too much I can’t afford…I don’t wanna this car any more wanna sell it when the problem is fixed…plz help me and I already spend lots of money for fixed the roof but not working..
    So anybody have any idea with what to do ???

    • admin says:

      Hello Reet,

      Thanks for your Message.

      It is likely the $4000 was reasonable in terms of getting you roof moving again. The biggest issue we have is that owners of the car take it to there local mechanic to see if they can get the roofs working again.

      Then what happens the local mechanic pushes and pulls parts on the roof and causes more damage to the roof crushing sensors of crushing wire looms

      I know of one instance where a customer in fortitude valley took the twin top convertible to the local mechanic where a $300 hydraulic hose cost over $6000 to get the roof moving again.

      Im sure the team at ALNO will be able to assist in getting your roof moving where ever you are in Australia, Asia or Europe

      I hope this helps

      Team ALNO

  20. The cost of the roof repair basically comes down to how many people have tried to push and pull the Roof.

    Then damaging other parts in the process.

    Our team offer both motors that are fully reconditioned for around $650 depending on where you live.

    We have a list of qualified Mechanics in Australia and New Zealand that have experience in fitting these parts to the twin tops.

    We also offer instructiions how to fit these parts for customers that purchase our parts

    for more information you an email info@alnoproductservices.com.au

    • Zoe says:

      Thank you for getting back to me.
      I live in Bunbury (Approx 2 hours south of Perth in WA), I have been having problems with the roof ever since I got it. I have been told by the holden dealer in Bunbury that the Roof requires 1 x new motor, but that I have to have both replaced as the product has changed and there is a newer motor now?? They replaced the harness in it end of last year and told me that that was the problem which cost me about $650, then within 2 x of using it, it was broken again and the roof got stuck half way. They have now quoted me another $3000, just for the parts to have it fixed??
      Do you know of anyone in WA that is aware on how to fix them propelly and that the parts wouldnt cost me $3000? I have also sent an email to the contact on this webpage.

  21. Michael says:

    Hi, I have a Astra Twin Top, 2007. I have been having problems with the roof. Got stuck last week and an auto electrician put the roof up.Then I took it to a Holden dealer who has quoted me $3,500 to fix it. Unfortunately I cannot afford this. I have been told I need a Left and a Right Hand Parcel flap Motor ( 2 motors) and a Boot Harness. Then the labour costs.
    I have not had this car for long and it is turning into a nightmare.
    I would be very appreciative if you knew of a contact that could maybe do the job for less.
    Michael Reilly

    • Zoe says:


      I have the exact same problem as you Michael??
      Any body have any ideas with what to do?

    • Sherena Corbett says:

      If i could send picitures i would send you photos and repairs can be done yourself. Im in the astra club uk and they gave me the information to fix myself very common issue. I think its at lease a try before you go back to holden i did saved me 3000.

      • admin says:

        Hello Sherena,

        Thanks for your post

        We would love to see you photos

        In terms of the Astra Club forums offer little tangible advice and only offer short term solutions.

        ALNO have been asked to advertise and comment on there forums but we look for longer term reliability rather than short term quick fixes.

        From our experience it is the 2nd car deal site where the roof only needs to operate for three months or so and then someone else can own that problem.

        One can spend hours reading researching about there Astra Convertible only to find out latter that 90% of the people posting on these sites don’t own an Astra or have driven one for that matter.

        Or the advice you have been offered is to check a fuse or you are point to another link that has been deleted or removed.

        The other thing that happens is that you find that there are two type of twin tops that where sold in the UK and only one of them was released in Australia but that does not mean to say

        As for saving $3000 dollars you are only saving $3000 if you roof keeps working for an extended period, our experience is that you will need another repair in less than 3 months.

        Sherena we hope your roof keeps working and again thanks for taking the time to post on our site

        Team ALNO

      • ROSEMARIE MORGAN says:


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