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Convertible Roof Repairs


Smart Roof Mechatronics – Roof Mechanical and electrical systems combined



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Why use ALNO for your convertible roof repairs

  • Knowledge base second to none in Australia / New Zealand terms of getting convertible roofs moving again
  • Quality roof components – Australian made components come with 2-year warranty yet many of our components outlast the OEM design in many cases. In the case where there is a sacrificial component in terms of plastic gears we replace the design intent with the same design intent.
  • Low cost repair – where our customer just wants to get the roof moving again and sell the convertible we call the second-hand car dealer option. Just get the roof moving so we can sell it.
  • Who has the time to read automotive forums to try everything written to find out the person writing on the forum does not own a convertible but has a company that sells parts

Automated Convertible roofs or more commonly called by many owners “My Transformer”

Smart mechatronic systems where one needs a mechanical engineering degree to understand the programing the system or even just fault finding in terms of errors and coding.

One can burn through quite a bit of money guessing that can be your money or the customer’s money. Guessing if it the fuse, rely, gear set, motor gear or wire harness, roof controller, the program in the roof controller is nor compatible with your convertible because you have replaced it. The team at ALNO have seen some of the simplest cases of repair such as replacing a broken rear window turning into a costly exercise due to the guess factor.



What are the common problems with this convertible?


The question we get asked the most is what are the common problems with this convertible to answer this question we have created this web page


Convertible Roof Electrical problems

  • Low Voltage
  • Blow Fuse or rely failure
  • Sensor failure – broken or not supplying feedback
  • Windows not dropping down
  • Broken wire loom / cable assembly / harness broken wire are generally a sign of fatigue as the roof has been opened and closed for the past 5+ years
  • Wire loom / cable assembly / harness is shorting out the roof controller
  • Cheap cone scan tool has reformatted or erased the roof controller program
  • Motor torque sensors not responding
  • Roof controller lost power in the middle of operation or needs to be reset
  • I have replaced the roof controller with new one but the air conditioner and or rear window demister not wrong
     Convertible Roof Repairs  

Mechanical Problems

  • Components have dislodged and stop the roof from moving.
  • Gear fatigue – gear worn out part life of gear
  • Gear material failure – where gear has been replaced with another gear of dissimilar material and the torque sensor has failed and gear has causing rotational motion that has smashed roof components
  • Roof not reset correctly causing mechanical component failure
  • Roof has been pushed or pulled bending hydraulic cylinder
  • Roof stops half way it goes back or forward but cannot get passed a certain point and needs to be pushed or is pushed and stops completely
  • Low quality Chinese made components used and roof has stopped working
  • Motor gear as worn out after Chinese part fitted

Convertible Roof Repairs

Hydraulic Roof problems

  • Pump over heating
  • Hydraulic oil is leaking everywhere squirted all over my leather seats and or roof
  • Roof moves slowly as wrong oil used
  • Roof crashes in to windscreen
  • Pump blocked foreign object blocked pump or bearings all fallen out and too hard to put back together

Soft top Problems


In general terms, soft top problems are a little more straight forward with a simple electrical and PID roof control system. 70% of the roof problems on a soft top are due to wear and tear the other 30% are where mechanics or owners have tried to repair the roof guessing what to do or bolting latches together or cut and shut on hydraulic hoses. This 30% of roof problems results in a high operating cost in the long run who wants a roof to work 3-4 times and then stop working again


Hard tops Problems


 Hard top problems are not that dissimilar to the soft top problems in terms of wear and tear, the challenge remains in terms of resetting the roof disconnecting the power when resetting or doing and electrical work to ensure the roof controller does not short out.


Whatever top you have soft or hard the important thing to remember is that it is only one component or part that stops your roof from working. Dealerships that claim that you need to replace more than one part is illogical that the roof does not continue to operate and break another component.

System failure engineering suggests one part stops a system and other additional parts require replacement suggests that other parts have been broken after the roof has stopped.

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