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Convertible roof | Hydraulic hose and fittings | Custom Built

Convertible Roof Hydraulic hose and fittings – Custom Built

The Team At ALNO offer a first class service in terms of both product and customer service

Convertible Roof Hose manufactured at ALNO are designed and built in Australia we have extensively tested our range of products against our competitors and are confident that our product is a leader in terms of Engineering.

Why is ALNO Product the best?

It comes down to engineering first principles our team
  • Do not “Cut and Shut” join hoses cut and re-weld fittings to standard industrial fittings that can be crimped with standard equipment. Some hose fittings have an internal diameter of less than 1.00 mm welding to holes at 1.00 mm and to have the holes to match up in terms of concentricity. By not matching the 1.00 mm holes causes pressure to build up when the hydraulic fluid flows over the step this results in higher pressure throughout the roof hydraulic system an results in premature failure of other hydraulic hoses.
  • Do not reuse old hose, by fixing one end of a hose, only suggests it is a matter of time before the other end blows
  • Do not change the hose diameter to meet standard crimping sizes, some hoses companies change hose diameters. Changing the other diameter can result in the hoses not fitting into clips that retain the hose in the convertible. Loses hose can get caught or pinched in the roof opening or closing process.
  • Do not supply hoses with an outer PVC cover other hose companies supply hoses with an out PVC cover with is crimped in the hose fitting crimp process. This PVC cover deteriorate in the hot Australian sun the Genuine Hoses are manufactured with the same PVC cover it make assembly the hose and fitting much easier or faster, yet the outer PVC cover loses its strength properties. 90% of our customers tell us the hose blow oil everywhere on a hot summers day, we imagine these hoses with outer PVC cover are best suited to colder climates like the icy cold UK.
  • All Of our designs have been FEA modeled using SolidWorks computational fluid dynamic simulation software.

“At ALNO our team are driven to offer the best Product in the market at the best price sure you can get a cheaper product at a cheaper price but who wants to replace a hydraulic hose and clean up oil more than once. Some of our competitors products fail in a matter of months or cause other hoses to fail, replacing the same hose twice is just like burning money. “


  Principle Mechanical Engineer – ALNO


Convertible Hydraulic Hoses

Holden Astra
Renault Megane
  The team at ALNO offer new hose with new fitting for a complete range of convertibles  


Hydraulic Hoses

The team at ALNO offer fitting services and have a huge a range of new Hydraulic Hoses for convertible roofs that operate the electric roofs on Convertibles, Cabriolet that fit Holden Astra Convertible Peugeot 306 & 206CC Renault Megan BMW Jaguar VW Golf New Mini New Beetle Alfa Romeo Ford SAAB


Convertible Pump repairs

Both the pump and cylinder ends are come in arrange of materials from •    Aircraft Grade Aluminum •    Stainless steel 316 •    High Tensile Tool Steel – OA1 Swaged fittings fixed to a High Pressure fully flexible Hydraulic hose Convertible roof Hydraulic hoses can be found at our convertible parts online store For more information on Convertible roof Hydraulic Hoses and qualified businesses in your region that fit high quality the hoses contact or book a roof inspection


Convertible Technical support

Email the hose you require, along with, the make, model and year of the vehicle. ALNO Product Services supply Customers, Dealerships and Mechanics across the Australia, New Zealand and Europe What ever you Convertible roof is the team at ALNO offer parts and service for Convertible | Hydraulic | Hose | Astra | Peugeot | Renault | BMW | Jaguar | VW Golf | New Mini | Alfa Romeo | Ford | SAAB

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118 Comments to “Convertible roof | Hydraulic hose and fittings | Custom Built”

  1. Stewart says:

    Can I buy the Customer hose fitting for my convertible soft top


  2. Alf says:

    I have a bertone soft top and i love it

    now the roof is working


  3. Ann says:

    Hi I need Hydraulic Hose can you help

    We have tried the cheap hose we paid a little over $80 but it fail when we fitted it it only open twice and sprayed oil everywhere

    Can you Help


  4. Jordan says:

    Im in Perth

    Where can i buy Hose for my convertible soft top

  5. Armando says:

    Hose fitted so easy great instructions roof is working so sweet

    Thanks Simon

  6. tJed says:

    No more pushing the roof by hand

    Thank you so much

  7. Amanda says:

    I have an astra TT that was hit by another car and now the roof won’t open. The rear bar has been fixed but they have requested I have the roof looked at by Holden BUT Holden have advised me they did not have anyone experienced to troubleshoot.
    Do you work on weekends?


  8. Enzo says:

    Thanks Eric, I will need to book in the car at some point. It’s a small black and yellow hose under the roof that burst, the hydraulic hose I think is still working ok but could I bring my car in for you guys to assess it? I have taken it to a mechanic and he took the motor out, would you guys be ok to put this back in for me with the job?


  9. Nigel says:


    We have fixed an issue with a parcel shelf flap motor (B368D – 5A setting). Now have no DTCs and roof operating but faulting in different positions. All status parameters are correct. Pump is making loud groaning noises when roof is operated. Cannot see signs of aeration in fluid, and no leaks.

    Please provide a quote for a new and reco pump.



  10. John Homes says:

    Good morning,

    Just a query as to whether you can supply or have had any experience with the hydraulic pumps for the AH Astra twin top convertible roof? It appears we have an internal pressure supply issue – lack of pressure/flow.



  11. Tom says:

    I purchased a Hose from the UK but it keeps blowing off every time i take the roof down

    Can you help me


  12. Paul says:

    Hi I would like to book my 07 Astra Twintop in to fix fix the roof please.

    The roof will not fully lock shut

    Regard’s Paul

    I will call you tomorrow if you don’t call me first…

  13. Billy says:


    I’d like to book the car in but need to know if I’ll be up for hundred or will it be in the thousands. If you could let me know what an average spend is that would be great and help me budget the cost

    Thanks for your help

  14. Billy says:


    I have a Chrysler Sebring HardTop Convertible that is having trouble going down all the electrical side seems to be working just the Hydraulics’ are not . but I’m no mechanic

    Is this something you can help me with?



  15. Joanna says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I recently went to put the roof down in my Astra Convertible ‘06 and somehow seemed to nick the Hydraulic Hose so that fluid spurted out on the back seat passenger’s side.

    Is this something you might be able to assist with?

    Thank you for your time


  16. Dom says:

    When I go to lower the convertible roof, the first stage with the sunroof opening happens okay. Then when I press it again for the top to lower, nothing happens.

    There are no red lights on and the parcel shelf at the back is in the correct position.

    Close the roof and try again. (Sometimes maybe two more times)

    This time the roof lowers completely, but the rear windows don’t go back up, unless I press the window button to do this.

    Close the roof completely and try again. Everything works okay!

    Anyone else had this?

  17. john says:

    My partner bought a 2005 Holden Astra convertible two years ago loved it, but about six months ago the roof for some reason gave out.

    It’s believed after JB Hi-Fi put a new stereo in.

    As a result she is now very keen on selling it.

    The soft top doesn’t open, it looks like the hydraulic hose has come off and lost its oil? And it’s believed as a result the boot, which is empty, does not open.

    With the boot locked can we still get a roadworthy and what would you now benchmark a price at?

  18. Pablo says:

    Hose Fixers on the Gold Coast had my Astra for four weeks and they replaced hydraulic oil lines, the roof computer, roof controller and roof lathes. For a grand total of $4355.50

    Then someone told me that the roof computer is the roof controller is that true and what can I do?

  19. ioleslen says:

    Can someone help me with my Astra convertible


  20. Brandon says:

    Do you come to Queensland to fix convertible roofs or do you have someone up here

    I have oil all over the back seat

  21. Daniel says:

    Can I get a price on a new Pump for my roof, my mechanic mentioned that you guys could supply a new pump

  22. ionut says:

    My Sister has an Astra convertible and the roof has stop working can you fix it

  23. James says:

    I had my convertible roof looked at the strut guy or the guy that replaces struts in Liverpool but he could not fix it.

    The beeping was driving me mad then I took it to an auto trimmer north of Sydney and he took one look at it and said the guys before had damaged the roof hydraulic system so bad that it was not worth fixing

    After 6 months, I google Astra convertible roof stopped and came across ALNO

    Those guys were so helpful Eric had the roof fixed under $1000

  24. Sandy says:

    Excellent product and pricing!!

    Eric was very helpful with all of our questions on the SAAB Roof Hoses and shipping was quick even to the US.

    I highly recommend the product.

    Everything worked perfectly.

    Thank you!

  25. Marcia Carrol says:

    It was such a pleasure to have Anthony fix my AH Astra convertible.

    After paying Holden at Hornsby $450 they estimated it was going to cost $7300 in parts and labor but they could not be sure until they finished.

    He keep me updated with where things were at and how much it was going to cost and was half the price of my local Holden dealership

    I highly recommend ALNO


  26. Simon Carol says:

    I’m thinking to buy an Astra convertible with a broken roof as your give me a quotation on how much it will cost to fix

    Simon Carol

  27. Shane says:

    Hi, I purchased a full set of roof hoses for my daughters TS Astra (Australia) at a very good price repairers in OZ just want to rip customers off.

    Eric was very helpful Thanks again

  28. Charles says:

    Thanks for my Hose it fits perfectly and easy to understand instructions

    Next day delivery as awesome saved waiting 7 weeks from the UK


  29. Jerry Vow says:

    Roof working in 15 mins after the ALNO tech support phone call


  30. Orville says:

    I’m plan to buy Astra convertible but cannot decide if I should get the hard top or softtop

    Can you offer advice

  31. Jen says:

    Can you give me a price to fix my roof


  32. RobertTum says:

    We tried the Hel Hose but they took 10 weeks to arrive funny the next time a hose blew we tried ALNO and it arrived next day delivery, now we get our top every day



  33. Michael says:


    I tried the Hel hose but it failed after 2 weeks it blew on a hot Cairns day, I’m not saying that the Hel is a bad hose it is just not suited to the warm Cairns climate, It just melted

    The Aussie made ALNO hose has been working for over 2 years now and you can the engineered difference in hose.

    Its a great product

    Sunny Cairns

  34. Phil says:

    I have recently had problems with my 12 year old TS Astra Convertible, with initially 1 burst hose, followed by others.

    On checking the web, I found that ALNO Australian Made hoses appeared to be the best option.

    I am not a mechanic and therefore know very little about the problem. Also, due to bad wear and tear and degradation of the hoses,
    I was unable to identify the serial numbers of the broken hoses.

    Eric was able to Talk me through the diagnosis of the problem and was able to identify very quickly, which of the hoses needed replacing.

    The product was dispatched within hours based on the tracking data.

    On receipt, I examined the hose and as it said on your website, the quality of the product in far superior to the original, which clearly is built to fail after 10 years.

    I am delighted with the quality of the Australian product.

    I have had cause to call and place subsequent orders, replacing all 6 hoses (which I really should have done initially) and on each occasion his understanding of the problem and the best solution were exact.

    I am very grateful for ALNO for there excellent customer service and offer excellent products and flawless customer service. I would be happy to recommend them to any Astra owner or Mechanic.

    Yours sincerely



  35. Stephen says:

    Thanks for contacting me regarding the roof hose purchase experience.

    Your website was very easy to navigate and made my purchases very easy to complete. The roof hoses, I have ordered twice from your site, always arrived promptly and packaged well.

    The quality of the hoses do indeed seem to be superior to the original equipment.

    I have replaced three of the six hoses and probably should have ordered the complete four hose package from the start.

    Thanks for providing this service.


  36. Robert says:


    It was a lot of work, because it was the to longest roof pipes my Audi. They look strong and they still working and i hope they will for a long time.

    Good service.

    Thanks and have a good day


  37. John says:

    Hi All,

    I have tried unsuccessfully to buy a set of Roof rack hole covers for an Astra 2006 5 door hatch. In Australia they replaced Gold as a Precious commodity. I emailed Twells in the UK but they say they don’t send off shore any more. From what I can gather, the clips are approx. 12 pounds each plus postage. I would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to give me a few email addresses or purchase info Please. I would like to purchase a couple of sets.

    Kind Regards,John.

  38. Dan says:

    I am looking to get my misses a Astra Convertible, I have never owned a convertible of any sort. Does any one know of any problems that I need to look out for any common faults with the roof ect.

  39. Bill says:

    Im, looking for a new back box for my 04 convertible.

    There are loads of boxes on ebay but which 1s will fit the convertible?

    Hatchback, estate or coupe? Or is the convertible unique?

    Any info appreciated, Bill.

  40. Glen says:

    Hi, I need help, and quick.

    Just attempted to drop the roof on my 07 Twintop and it stopped halfway down.

    It is starting to rain

    Now it won’t go either way and the small plastic trim pieces that fill in the sides are all out of sequence.

    I’ve got nowhere to store the car under cover.

    Any ideas how I can get the roof up so the car is secure, then I can take it to the dealers to get sorted properly


  41. Nic says:

    Hi is anyone selling a rear window for an AH Astra Convertible

  42. Eric says:

    Has anyone got any experience of a rattly roof on a twintop?

    Mine rattles on one side.

    I’ve been told that it’s a common fault and grasing the main bushes will cure it.

    Is that right?


  43. Michael says:

    Hello All.

    Cruise Control on an Automatic Astra H

    I have a 2009 Astra H Z18XER

    I was wondering if it was possible to fit and activate cruise control on an automatic astra. As it is automatic, I am not sure if there is a clutch switch as the manual ones have…

    I know the Automatic Elite’s do have it.

    Any help will be appreciated!

  44. Alina says:

    hi, I have a ’07’ astra twin top.

    the roof is fully down but the boot lid wont open or close, opens about 2″ and that is it.

    any ideas how to close boot and put roof up?


  45. Simon says:

    Hi all,

    I managed to dig my car out from under all the snow this morning, but the roof had ice on it under the snow.

    I had parked half on the path and half on the road and when i drove off the roof flexing with the ice stuck on it sounded terrible, even driving down the road it was creaking.

    What i want to know though is the roof strong enugh not to split with the ice stuck to it or do i need to empty the garage of junk to fit the car in??



  46. Bruce says:

    Hi , is there any one on here knowledgeable about convertibles?

    My roof has a problem going up and down.

    When putting the roof down the roof comes off the screen it then does its other bit and when it tries to pull the front bit of the roof back to finally go in the boot it gets stuck and only if i give it a slight push it will work.

    Putting the roof up , when it gets to the final bit to attach the roof to the top of the front screen it slams the roof shut and i get the error bleep. i then have to press the button again and the roof locks in properly.

    Any help would be most appreciated as getting to the end of my tether with it now.

  47. Mike says:

    Your website was very easy to navigate and made my purchases very easy to complete. The roof hoses, I have ordered twice from your site, always arrived promptly and packaged well.

    The quality of the hoses do indeed seem to be superior to the original equipment.

    I have replaced three of the four hoses and probably should have ordered the complete four hose package from the start.

    Thanks for providing this service.



  48. Shane says:

    Hi, I purchased a full set of roof hoses for my daughters TS Astra at a very good price repairers in OZ just want to rip customers off.

    Eric was very helpful Thanks again

  49. Andrew says:

    Very pleased with the service, speed of delivery and quality of the product. Roof is working well again.

    Thanks regards Andrew

  50. Jen says:

    I purchased a complete set of hoses for my Astra.

    They cost a third (!!!!) of what I would have had to pay for them at a dealership.

    Super cheap postage too did not need to wait 8 weeks for delivery from the UK.

    My hydraulic mechanic was so impressed, that they were going to source hoses from ALNO in the future.


  51. Sam says:

    Hi ALNO

    Great service thanks very much. Exactly what I needed for a good price and arrived all very quickly.

    Thanks again.


  52. Thomas says:

    I am very satesfied with the hoses, perfect fit, good quality, nice price!

    Recomend it to all 207cc owners!

  53. Paul says:

    Hey ALNO

    The pipe set was for my daughters convertible.

    They were delivered very quickly and were a very good quality looking part.

    I own a saab repair shop in Victoria and will be in touch again when I need more parts

    I have tried the guys in the UK but could not wit 10 weeks for the hose to arrive



  54. Daniel says:

    Excellent product and pricing!!

    Eric was very helpful with all of our questions on the SAAB Roof Hoses and shipping was quick even to the US.

    I highly recommend the product.

    Everything worked perfectly.

    Thank you!

  55. Peter says:

    I was very pleased with the convertible top latch hoses that I purchased from ALNO Jaguar XK8. All of the distributors here in the USA that I found for this item wanted an arm and leg just because they were for a Jaguar.

    The hose appears to be much better than the original ones and they fit and worked great.

    It was just the solution I was looking for as I was preparing to sell the car and didn’t want to spend a fortune on the part alone.



  56. Frank says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Peugeot and have just read a review of your business on another blog site how you help out a customer that has a similar problem to me.

    So the on my 206 roof went up, and it won’t go down again.
    It has been checked on the computers, and no fault is found.

    The mechanics suggestion is a complete manual dismantle to figure out what might be wrong;
    At a particularly expensive question mark!!!

    Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any suggestions as to what it might be?
    There is no whirring, buzzing or any form of engagement, switches have been checked, motor electronically is running fine, It is a question merk.

    Thanks in advance


    • Tommy says:

      Sounds like the pull out screen in the boot has not been clipped into place properly. There are sensors where the boot screen clips in and you must hear a click if they are in place correctly otherwise it does not allow the roof to open.

      I hope its that simple.


    • JeN says:

      I’m on the Gold Coast and I have the same problem with my 206 anyone up here that can help us out ?

    • admin says:


      Not a good idea mate.

      But If you want to do the research and development on Pulling down the roof feel free to post or send us the details.

      What we would suggest I’d that you Mechanic has a general purpose scan tool and it does not look deep enough into the position of the roof timing sensor relays roof controller functionality to establish what the problem is.

      Best bet is to get in contact with one of our team members depending on where you are are have an experienced roof mechanic in your area that can assist

  57. Molinaro says:

    I have Blown A hose in My Audi TT on the drivers side, Please can you tell me when i can get one from


  58. Sarahnug says:

    My BMW E46 Convertible roof stopped working in the middle do you guys have somewhere in Melbourne I can take my car too

  59. Allen says:

    I have just purchased my Audi A4 Convertible come some one tell me how too look after the roof as i hear they are quite expensive to fix

    and the Deal was not much help


  60. Sarahnug says:

    I found it here is thr problem i have been talking about this spells it out quite clearly my roof got stuck this is what happened to me

    Convertible Roof Stuck

  61. Julien says:

    After reading this page i found all my roof problems just dissipated

    Convertible roofs

  62. Elliot says:

    I took My Astra Twin Top to ALNO they replaced all the hydraulic lines for My convertible and the roof moves so fast now.

    These guys just knew what to do

    You could see they have worked on many of these cars

    Cracking job thanks Eric


  63. Marcia says:

    Im a car dealer in Perth with a 2009 ah astra twin top convertible do you have anyone over here who could advise us how to repair i have had a auto electrician look at it with no luck any help would be appreciated he advised us that there is no power signal coming from the control module to the actuators in the rear and that there is no issues with wiring like breaks.

    Will a holden Tek2 machine find the fault?


    • admin says:

      Hello Marcia,

      Thanks for your Message

      Sure Tech 2 is design for many of the General Motors range of cars

      But it just does not give you the in depth analysis that other scan tools can especially for the operation of convertibles roofs

      What we suggest is to get some Technical Support from ALNO and they will get your roof working remotely

      Good Luck

  64. Laura R says:

    If you have any spare time could you please call 0431****** I’m about to drive my car over a cliff, it’s insured prop not a bad idea ha…..

    We have replaced all 10 hoses with the cheap style HEL brand something like that

    Now It looks like they have started to fail again

    Please can you help

    Laura R

    • admin says:

      Hello Laura R,

      Yes the Hel hoses are design for the colder type climate there is a plastic type material that is susceptible to the heat. This material becomes softer in the warmer days the material loses its tensile strength and stretches like chewing glum allowing the inner matting fiber or steel to fray or that is the experience our customers.

      ALNO hoses have longer ferrules and hose tails and we crime directly to the steel matting ensuring a significantly strong bond between hose and hose fitting.

      The other thing is you don’t need to replace all 10 hoses you only need to replace 6 hoses as there a only 6 that are prone to failure.

      To discover more about convertible roof hoses check out ALNO roof hoses

      You don’t need to drive your car off the cliff

  65. Fiona says:


    You offered to look at my car this week whilst in Brisbane, are you still able to this?
    I have some free time in Friday.

    Takes several attempts to close the roof, boot opens ok but when it comes to the roof coming up it doesn’t.

    Thanks Fiona

  66. Joshu says:

    Hi my twin top 2009 has started to stop after the boot top opens. Sometimes if I hold the opening button for a couple of minutes the top completes the full cycle. It may work a couple of times but then will stop at the opening stage.

    Do you think it could be a hydraulic hose

    How much is it to replace a set of hoses


  67. Tom says:


    Can you supply the part number TYCO V23078-F1002-A303

    It is a parts on my Astra TS convertible

    Many thanks

  68. John says:

    I am a vehicle wholesaler and have just acquired an astra with a roof that beeps when you press the button.

    Can you have a look at this car for me?

    If not would you be able to recommend another option for me?

    I need to get it sorted to sell and any help would be greatly appreciated.


  69. Steve says:

    Hi my twin top 2009 has started to stop after the boot top opens. Sometimes if I hold the opening button for a couple of minutes the top completes the full cycle. It may work a couple of times but then will stop at the opening stage.


  70. Cheryl says:

    Hi Anthony

    I am located in Adelaide.

    City holden have replaced the boot harness today and have now told me that I need two new switches at $400 each.

    They have said the harness was cut in a couple of places. The car is still with, but I am unsure of what to do.

    A friend her worked on by SAAB roof said this is not right – can have both things go wrong at once!!!

    Is it possible


  71. Mary says:

    My convertible roof does not work.
    Is there someone you may have in Melbourne who can repair it for me?

  72. Megz says:

    Hi. Hoping you can give me details on where to go to fix my roof. It opens halfway then stops. Closes ok but its summer so kinda want the roof to come off all the way. Lol. Please call me on 041******* . Cheers. Megz.
    (Im in the blacktown area , sydney. )

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    tɦiѕ website, this blog iѕ aсtually awesome.

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  74. David Pitt says:


    I am enquiring about the hydraulic ram which opens the boot cover of a 2003 Holden Astra Convertible

    One of the hoses have burst and I cannot see a number on it however the one which is still on has a white number 31 on it

    Could you please quote for replacement hoses with shipping to Queensland?

    David Pitt

  75. Mitch Howard says:

    Hi Alno

    I have an Astra 2005 that poured oil onto the left rear passenger seat about a year ago. The roof was in closing mode at the time and I used the roof tool to manually close and lock the roof. Can you please help with parts and instruction on how to access the broken section and then fix it.


    Mitch Howard

  76. mark skelton says:

    hi iam trying to find a lh roof latch for holden astra convertable can you please help.could you please email me regarding price avalibility and freight cost to new zealand,or have you a agent here in nz to buy from thanks very much regards mark skelton

  77. Larry Lamberto says:

    hi Anthony,need price and avail for astra 2005 ts centre motor and both latches,cheers

    Larry Lamberto

  78. Moss, Darren says:

    Hi guys. I opened the roof of my twintop Astra on a hill yesterday and the roof stopped half way through its motion and i cannot open or close it now. I live in the Penrith area Sydney. Can u help with what the problem is or know of a mechanic I can seek advice from. Thanking you for your time. Cheers

    Sent from my iPhone

  79. Alan Musgrave says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My wife owns a 2004 Bertone Astra convertible which she has owned since new. In recent years we have become suspicious that the roof doesn’t work properly and are paranoid that if we try and use it the roof will remain permanently down or stuck halfway. We wish to take the vehicle to someone who is au fait with repairing such Asta roofs. Your company obviously knows what it is doing. Can you recommend someone here on the Sunshine Coast to whom we can take it with confidence. Our confidence in the Holden dealerships on the Sunny Coast is low!

    Alan Musgrave

  80. Nigel Porter says:

    I have a problem with my 2009 Astra Twintop, I had the roof in the boot and hit the luggage switch to gain access to the boot, the roof sat up correctly but would not go back into the boot when pressing the switch again.
    I have since found three wires in the roof/boot loom on the left side positioned about midpoint of the boot strut that were almost severed and repaired them. But the roof will not move.
    Any advice will be most appreciated.

    King regards

    Nigel Porter

  81. David says:


    I am enquiring about the hydraulic ram which opens the boot cover of a 2003 Holden Astra Convertible

    One of the hoses have burst and I cannot see a number on it however the one which is still on has a white number 31 on it

    Could you please quote for replacement hoses with shipping to Queensland?


  82. Gemma says:


    Just wondering do you have any service centres or recommended partners who can repair Astra Convertible roofs in Melbourne?
    I have a left hand ram hose that needs to be replaced.


  83. Colin Hobson says:

    Dear Sales

    Do you sell just the clips that connect the hoses for the roof of the Astra ??

    Please advise


    Colin Hobson

  84. Steve says:

    Hello again

    I looked at the MK Indy car. It’s a lotus 7 kit.

    It’s chassis is ok.

    Maybe that could be a guide. But the cage needs to stiffen a 1968 chassis Lotus 7.

    I hope this clears it a bit for you.

    Thank you

  85. Robertmi says:

    Mangueras de techo Astra trabajando perfeccionando y entregadas en 5 días


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  87. Keven K says:

    Got my Roof working no trouble at all

    The technical support as outstanding Im in Perth ALNO knows Convertibles

    Keven K

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I was wondering if you know anyone in Brisbane or around us in general (we are in Caboolture, Qld) that you deal with, or have sold to in the past, that I might be able to refer this customer onto? We are just unsure if it is something we really want to be getting involved with.



  89. NeilHPigat says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Hydraulic
    hose and fittings – Custom Built | ALNO | Astra Roof Hose.


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  92. Kim says:

    Hi my name is Kim and my Holden Astra has the roof stuck half way down and I cant use the car !

    Can you give me a quote to get the roof moving again


  93. Frank says:

    Does anyone know how to remove the front bumper on the Holden Astra Twintop


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  95. Kim says:

    I have a BMW Z4 2007 convertible.

    The roof has stopped working, it appears to be a problem with the hydraulics (although not sure if it is the motor itself, a leak, or the hoses).

    Do you sell replacement parts for this car? And would you recommend anyone in Sydney who can take a look at it for me so I know which parts to order?

    Thanks for your help,


  96. Rob says:

    Hi Eric.

    Pass side roof ram hydraulic hose gnawed by rodent.The leak is very clear totally stripped for 30mm.Can you supply the hose(bottom hose on Ram) and oil and details on how to seperate,looks simple enough.

    Stay safe.

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  102. Ken says:

    Well today it did it again, could’nt get the ignition key into the slot like something was in the way.

    I remembered what allowed me to get it in the last time, and that was to just enter the first couple of millimeters of the key into the oblong slot of the barrel on a slight angle , tweak it slightly and just a small turn and click, the barrel springs out and you can enter the whole key and start the engine.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix it, as I know by the laws of averages it’s gonna not do it next time ?

  103. Simone says:

    Hi All,

    You have to excuse me as I am new to this forum but I have an Astra Twintop 09 model. My luggage compartment cover has been damaged so I am unable to put my roof down. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can buy a second hand one? Are they easy to fit?

    Thanks Simone

  104. Joseph says:

    Hey guys!

    Before you point me to the search function, I already did this and the problems were all due to the latch being stuck due to the cold weather, or the fuse being blown (identified as the windscreen wipers were also not functioning). However my issue is that the boot itself seems stuck.

    When I go to press the button underneath the boot handle, it makes the electrical switch noise that it normally makes when it opens, but the boot just physically doesn’t open. I can hear something clicking inside like it’s releasing but it just doesn’t budge.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you so much in advance if you do, ANY ideas at all would be greatly appreciated!!

  105. Wilfred says:

    Please read this thread as i think it will affect every car unless the wire harness has been upgraded

    My wife has had her Twintop for 4 years and in general its been a good car and has now covered 35,000 from new.

    We have been thinking about changing it so in typical car fashion it decides its going to go wrong, there we were enjoying the sun on Sunday when my wife wants to get something from the boot so we pull over and she presses the roof raise button in the boot, its goes up and stops, but wont go back down again, we try everything.

    I’m convinced its the blind and its giving us the 3 gong sound which after a while turned into an alarm sound. which we later found out is the roof is going to move alarm although due to the fault it didn’t.

    So i decided to get the car home and I’m thinking low loader to the dealer, then i popped in here and read the various roof problems listed here on the forum.

    I paid particular attention the the thread posted on here about the wiring loom problem as this seemed likely to me.

    I have a background in electronics with robotic machines which involve highly flexible electrical cables which used to go wrong until we improved the wiring quality

    So i decided to inspect the wiring loom, its fairly obvious where the most movement will occur as seen here.

    So how to fix it, well initially i decided to follow the other members advice and cut the cables at the split points and re-make the joints but the roof still didn’t work so i felt along each cable and you could feel where the cable was softer meaning that the wires inside had almost certainly broken while the sheath was intact.

    So i decided to buy a brand new loom, when i asked the parts department for the loom they told me that they get asked for this part a lot by auto electricians who are being paid by the likes of you and me. By the way the loom is $650 and took just 4 hours to fit. and Guess what it works again

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