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Convertible Roof Hose

Is all convertible Roof Hose the same?

Why is it the i can buy new Hose from GM is $1100

HEL hose for around $100

Cut and shut hose off your local hose guy for less than $100

Australian Made hose from ALNO for around $400

WHY is this

This is why the HEL hose hose tails are only 4-5mm long

where the Aussie Made hose and GM hose tail is double the length.

Over Engineered Convertible Roof Hose Tails

GM and ALNO Hose last around ten years due to the warm Aussie sun

where the HEL can last a couple of weeks in the warm Queensland sun,

if your planning to open your roof in winter or in the UK

we would suggest the HEL brand with its short hose tail.


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Convertible Roof Hose

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