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Convertible Hydraulic Hoses

The team at ALNO offer quality Convertible Hydraulic Hoses for Astra Convertible Roof – Opel – Holden – Vauxhall they can also assist with technical advice in terms of getting your roof working again.
Please note the team at ALNO are happy to assist our customers with technical support.
In terms of Convertible Hydraulic Hoses what you pay for is what you get. There are a number of hoses on the market some are quote to have a 5000 working PSI yet it is not so necessary to have such a rigid hose for such a flexible application. The Astra Bertone design was derived from a BMW design and it was also used on some of SAAB convertibles.
One could argue the rigidity of the original hydraulic hose system was over engineered as calculations based on the dead weight of the roof excluding level arm advantage only 1500 PSI is needed to move the roof from a static position.
Although on the other hand the hydraulic system exceed a 10 year life spam in many cases or in the cases were roof oil is used with similar properties to the OEM roof oil has been used.
There are Chinese manufactured hoses on the market which are very popular with 2nd car dealers whom just wish to keep the roof moving past a warranty period.
The Hydraulic oil to use with your Astra Convertible Hydraulic Hoses can be found at
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