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Bertone Astra Convertible Roof Problems

Bertone Astra Convertible Roof Problems


Roof needs a push

 Need to push the roof open the roof will not move off the windscreen or is slow to open. There a number of issues that cause this issue poor quality roof latches or in some case the roof latches have caused the roof to rust. In most case it is either back fitting of roof latches or the roof catches have not been fully reconditioned.


Roof Oil

Use the Right grade – how do know what the correct grade of oil is. The risk of using the wrong grade of oil different pressures the Astra convertible hydraulic system is design to last that is when it comes to the pump and cylinders. We will not address the issues of the Hydraulic hoses here

Using the wrong oil will either not have the energy to push or moving your roof. We have seen Astra convertible roof that stop half way or need a push to keep them moving. Furthermore on the other hand using the wrong oil at the other end of the scale will make the pump screen out in pain every time you push the roof button then resulting in the need to replace the pump seals and or motor.

In the worst case spend the extra $100 for 500ml of oil is good value to ensure that you don’t have any future issues down the track.

Alno Product Services offer a suitable equitant Astra Roof oil for $50

Roof Clips

If you are planning to keep hold of your Astra convertible you really have two distinct choices. That is Genuine General Motors ( Holden, Vauxhall Opel ) latches that last from 3-8 years depending on how often you open the roof

Or Alno Product Services that have test roof clips opening and closing for over 950 hours not stop.

Certainly there are cheaper options out there but they all have problem of some kind or another.


Astra Roof is Stuck and will not open

How do you open the Astra convertible Roof when the manual winder does not work and when you push the button you just get the beeps?

Generally speaking, when this happens it suggests that someone who has little experience in maintaining these Astra Convertible Roofs has been playing with it.

In some cases it has happen at Holden Dealers and they have had the apprentice working on the roof and the roof will not come away from the windscreen. As the apprentice has tried to take a short cut.

In another case the owner of the car has tried to fit a set of roof latches has fitted the latches and has been given bad advice on how to rest the roof or has fitted the roof incorrectly

Or the previous owner has tried to fit a set of 2nd hand latches tried to glue the latches together or in many cases has fitted a set of roof latches that a back yard machine shop and machined up a block of Aluminium without having it protected for corrosion which has caused the roof frame to rust.

ALNO - Astra Roof Latches

For more information on getting you roof moving again Contact

ALNO Product Services

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  1. Craig says:

    Hey there, was wondering if you guys are still around?

    Have traversed the ole world wide web and seems you guys are the leading, and indeed only, source of information regarding the roofs.

    Hope to hear back soon,


  2. Rosemarie says:

    I am in werribee and mine won’t budge and cannot get in to do manually

  3. Nelson Rueda says:

    I had a wonderful experience with ALNO. One of my roof latches got broken and I was quoted a price high enough to decide not to fix it. Luckily I found this site where I received a way more reasonable offer. Not just the service was excellent but also Anthony took the time to explain to me the process and give me peace of mind.
    As a result I got my car fixed with all the fun it comes with.

    Gracias Anthony, es maravilloso tener el convertible funcionando de nuevo para este verano.


  4. Nicky Olivier says:

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you know of anyone in brisbane that can fix the hard top roof?
    I have replaced the boot actuator & boot lock and parcel shelf motor and the roof is still not working – car has no fault codes apparent but there is a cambus code issue! Roof is in the closed position but boot still won’t open and warning beep is still going – getting rather frustrated and would really like some direction and help. I’m in Caboolture in Qld. Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone
    Nicky Olivier

    • Rosemarie says:

      Mine stuck had to drive home like this as I did not know how to fix and trying to find someone is impossible

  5. Helen says:

    Would you be able to recommend anyone in Perth that can fix Bertone soft tops. Mine opens partially and then stops. Hydraulic lines might need fixing plus more said my local Holden Dealer. Starting price $2800+.
    Thank you very much…
    Regards Helen

  6. Jewels says:

    Thank ALNO very positive experience

    I purchased the winglet gears on EBay to fix my Astra Convertible. Which seemed cheap enough. Once they arrive my boyfriend tried to get them to fit but it seemed that they were the wrong size. I was a little lost what to do need they I took my Astra to Holden where I was told I need a wire lume, roof controller, roof latches front and boot and a bill of $5897.45.

    The crazy part was the gears were broken not all the other parts. After a little Google I found ALNO but they were in NSW I was in Adelaide after calling then I was told that they would come to South Australia and stop by and Fix my Astra in a day.

    Roof is working like new and it only cost me $1150 and we did not need all the parts suggested

    Simon really knows what he was doing

    A very positive experience

    Thanks Jewels

  7. Nicky says:

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you know of anyone in brisbane that can fix the hard top roof?
    I have replaced the boot actuator & boot lock and parcel shelf motor and the roof is still not working – car has no fault codes apparent but there is a cambus code issue! Roof is in the closed position but boot still won’t open and warning beep is still going – getting rather frustrated and would really like some direction and help. I’m in Caboolture in Qld. Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone
    Nicky Olivier

  8. Colin says:

    I didn’t buy second hand i bought new there were made by a hydraulic company. These are not the old ones patched. They got made for me. Couldn’t find anyone to do it. Holden no go, mechanics no go, and so on….. I am in private business and don’t have a lot of time to do research. Hence here i am nearly 12 mths later still trying to find the clips. If i knew about you i would have bought he lot from you.
    So do you have the clips ? and will you sell them to me?
    I am happy to support you if i knew about you.

    Your favorable reply would be appreciated

    Thank you Colin

  9. Tegan says:


    I have attached a video of my astra convertible top going up and was hoping you could tell me what parts i need to fix it. Also do you know any mechanics that can fit the part around the newcastle area nsw.


  10. Caleb says:


    I have a 2009 holden astra twin top which is having problems with its roof. The roof gets stuck half way down and makes a clicking sound when you try to press the button again. Is this a common problem that you know of, and would it be expensive to fix?

    I am wondering if you have a site in Melbourne or some way which I get in touch regarding repairs?


  11. AleishaXCove says:

    What a great blog

    My brother owns a TS Astra and is having problems with the roof

    Hope you don’t mind if forward him this page



  12. Quinoa says:



    Sugoi watashi no ōpunkā wa yane-kan ni kansha shite imasu ALNO arigatō

    Open in Google Translate

  13. Jessie says:

    I have a 2003 Holden Astra bertone convertible, in really good condition but the roof has stopped working, has been checked over and everything mechanically is sound so it’s been put down to something electrical. Can’t find a mechanic in my area that’s willing to touch it unfortunately apart from Holden which will be a small fortune I’m not willing to pay. I live in Newcastle so reasonably close to the central coast area, just wondering if there’s anything you can do for me to get the roof working again, beautiful car be a shame to not get it working again, Thanks, Jessie 🙂

  14. Tony says:

    Hi Anthony,

    We chatted earlier in the week and I have tried to open the roof manually as you mentioned. I unscrewed the alan key fitting and the roof is now removed from the windscreen – the back cover and roof remain fixed in their closed position – what do I do next?

    Thanks Anthony


  15. Simon says:

    Dear Alno,

    My 2002 Astra roof will no longer ‘latch’.

    When opening recently, there was a sharp ‘bang’ as it attempted to open (release) then nothing, it just stopped.

    I opened it manually and folded the roof OK, when I tried to close it, the roof advanced OK but stopped as it was about to latch to the top of the screen.

    The 2 closing hooks seem OK, (both are in the open position) as does the mechanism, but when I opened the plastic cover (by releasing the front edge) I found 2 pieces of broken black plastic at both sides of the roof edge?

    Also, the manual closing socket doesn’t seem to work now either?

    The hooks remain open no matter how much you turn the manual release/close socket.

    Is it possible to close/secure the roof some how?

    Can you recommend any investigations I can proceed with myself, or suggest anyone in Brisbane who might be able to help?



  16. de ra says:

    My astra 2002 model the roof closes but wheni put it up the lid wont close properly can you please advise me thanks deb

  17. Juliana says:

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  18. Angie says:

    certainly like your web site but you need to test the spelling on several off your posts.
    Several of hem are rife with spelling issues
    and I to find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll certainly come back again.

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    • Rob says:


      The headlining tensioning cord (a bit like a black bootlace) that keeps the inside of the soft top on my 2005 Vauxhall Astra Bertone nice and taut has snapped at the end, losing about 2” – and the dull metal crimp at the end, which stopped it pulling through the series of loops and clips through which it is normally routed. That means the inside of the roof at the driver-side rear flaps about untidily.

      Apparently there is a kit for the Astra – and a similar one, for the same application on a BMW model. I’m having no luck finding one in the UK. Can you get hold of one of these kits for me? I have a daughter-in-law in Sydney who could organise purchase from you if you have one. I’m getting just a little anxious about fixing the problem. When available, the kits consist of a length of the black cord plus a handful of crimps apparently. Any clues?

      Would greatly appreciate your input
      Rob Tolchard

  19. Christy says:

    I have found the fault with the roof cover locking latches, the cables have snapped.
    Would you have set of cables in stock??

  20. Gyanendra says:

    Hello there,
    I have a holden astha convertible 2004. Passenger side hose is brust while opening the roof in very sunny day. I would like to know the cheapest hose and it’s fitting charges as well.
    Thank you
    Sincerely yours

  21. Rob says:


    I purchased some roof hoses from you in January 2015, all been good since.

    Now had a minor accident and body work was conducted but when I collected the car the Roof is not working.

    They insist that they did not open the roof, but did need to disconnect the battery.

    Now it just beeps for a few seconds but won’t open and boot stays locked.

    Are you able to give me any advice on how to fix it.



  22. Chris says:

    Hello All,

    Greetings from Brisbane.

    We have a TS Holden Astra Convertible, build date 2004. It’s the last of the soft top model in Australia. It’s in really good condition, regularly serviced and less than 60,000 km traveled.

    A problem has emerged with the opening of the roof. When the switch is operated the windows drop a little as they are supposed to. The L & R latches appear to open. But the roof opens just a little, less than 10mm above the windscreen frame. Then it stops and we get the “beep, beep” warning sound.

    If we “toggle” the switch on & off it sometimes opens further, going on to open completely. It also responds to a gentle push from inside the car. Some other facts you might want to know are as follows.

    Once we get it moving the rest of the opening process is fine. It also closes without a problem.

    There does not appear to be any problem with the hydraulic lines. The hydraulic oil in the reservoir seems to be OK although it is sitting at the minimum line.

    I am suspicious of the Left Hand Latch. With the roof open, when I look at the top of the windscreen from above, the hole where the RH Roof Pin fits is totally clear. The LH hole has a piece of metal (coated Zinc & Yellow) protruding about 50% into the space where the LH Roof Pin would normally fit. This piece of metal is spring loaded, I can push it back with a screwdriver but it returns to the 50% position once I remove the screwdriver.

    Is it possible there is a problem with a sensor in the LH Latch or a sensor in the LH top of the windscreen (if there is one in this position)?

    Or is the problem in reverse, ie, should the RH hole have this piece of metal visible once the roof is open?

    Or is it likely to be something else?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  23. admin says:

    ALNO Team Members will be in Melbourne next week and they are in Sydney on a weekly basis.

    If you want someone too look at your Convertible best to call or get in contact with us

    For more information on Astra Roof Hose
    Check out

  24. admin says:

    Hello Lance,

    Are you referring the the Western Suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney ?

    Team ALNO

  25. Souzy says:

    Can you recommend a repairer in Melbourne?


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