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Astra Roof Locking Latches

On the Astra Bertone Convertible 2001-2006 the soft top convertible there are a number of parts the wear out.

Convertible roof parts wear out just as your tyres wear out.

In general terms any mechanical system or process that operates in a dynamic sense that is, with forces applied to moving parts. It the case of the Bertone Convertible roof many of the parts wear due to fatigue and or friction.ALNO - Astra Roof Latches

The team at ALNO Product Services Recondition the complete Astra roof locking latches as  sets not just replacing blocks we analysis the latch as a complete mechanical system.

At ALNO we are very protective of our designs and processes as there are a number of other companies that have tried to copy our original design. Some of the products are not economically viable and a couple of others have been involved in legal action with regard to customers spending $6000 plus on trying to get an Astra Convertible roof working.

Another company has been producing roof latches with untreated or unprotected Aluminium which creates a galvanic reaction with the rest of the convertible roof frame.

Astra Roof Latches

The Astra roof locking latches produced by ALNO Product Services are fully engineered and have been developed over the past ten years. The First Astra Convertible Roof that we fitted Astra roof locking latches to is still operating.

All replacement parts are manufactured by ALNO Product Services are made in Australia by Australian Tradespersons

ALNO export Astra convertible roof parts to Europe and New Zealand

Astra Convertible Roof Latches - ALNO

 For more information about Astra roof latches or ALNO Product Services

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3 Comments to “Astra Roof Locking Latches”

  1. Ashley says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am trying to source a wind deflector for a recently purchased Astra Twintop. Do you have any idea where I may find one?



  2. step tabor says:

    I wound the alan key to hard to open it manually and broke the plastic on the latches both sides I also need the hose that goes from the pump to the bottom of the hydrolic clinder on the passenger side which lifts the cover for the roof. Also the cable to the driver side latch which locks the lid down. Can you help me please

    • admin says:

      Hello Step
      Thanks for your post

      Step all the details and parts can be found at Alno Store

      If you are looking for technical phone support or advice on solving what is need to be replace and all the details on how to get your roof moving again Astra Tech Support

      Good Luck Step and please keep us informed on how you get on


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