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Astra Roof Latches Broken

At ALNO we try to provide you with all the information

you need when it comes to getting your roof working again

Astra Roof Latches Broken

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The team at ALNO offer quality Astra Roof Latches when your Astra Roof Latches Broken.

Over the past ten years the team at ALNO have supplied

customers and General motors dealerships across Europe, Asia Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years we have seen more damage done to these cars

by back yard mechanics when it comes to trying to get

these roofs open of screwing the latches together

which caused the roof to jam or lock in place.

ALNO offer latch sets for sale on the

basis of reconditioning Astra Roof Latches

Someone once said to me if you only have a hammer ….

it becomes a screw driver and a spanner …..

Funny how if you only have one tool it fixes everything

But not very well

Replacing plastic parts in your latch will not make you roof work alone…

Astra Roof Hose

Where to put the oil

Last Month I had a mechanic ask me

Mechanic: Where do i put the oil in for Astra Convertible?

ALNO: Has the roof had an oil leak the mechanic well no

Mechanic: well no, but i have purchased

the oil from Holden and paid $80

for it i just want to know where i need to put it in.

ALNO: it is a good idea not to fix something if it is not broken

Astra Convertible boot Stuck

Customer Assistance

We assisted the customer / mechanic on getting the roof working

Then this week the same customer with out the mechanic this time called me asking about a roof controller.

ALNO: why do you need a roof controller

Customer: well the mechanic tried to put the oil in and now the roof has stopped working again.

To all of our customers and mechanics if you are not sure what you are doing please ask at ALNO we don’t bite

for more information on ALNO Technical support

Astra Roof Latches

Alno will get your roof working again

At ALNO we will get your roof working again

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there !!

    I was at Holden one day and a guy came in, the roof wouldn’t go up !!!
    Don’t know exactly what the beef was but there is a manual lever to operate it !!
    He did get it fixed, I see him around !!!

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