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Astra Roof Hose

When it comes to Astra Roof Hose what choices do we have ?

Filling your Astra convertible roof with non genuine Holden Astra Convertible Roof Oil can cause the roof pump motor to wear out sooner.
In some cases the failure occurs 70% faster comparison to systems that have been filled with Genuine oil.
A hose blowing in the hydraulic roof system generally occurs due to air getting into the system, in many cases a blown hose can be replaced and then in a couple of weeks another hose blows.
In these cases the hose that has the air leak has not been replace but to identify the hose with the leak at the time of replacing the first hose can be a black art.

How many Astra Roof Hoses are in an Astra Convertible Roof ?

There are ten hoses in the Astra convertible Bertone roof until 3 years ago ALNO only ever replaced six hose today it is preferred that all ten hose are replaced.
Having said that we can replace one or the six hoses depending on you budget.
ALNO - Astra Roof Hose
What are the options with regard to replacing the Hydraulic hose?
There are a number of hoses in the market place the first is the cheapest is priced around $30 Australian these hose are 2nd hand many have been working on convertible roofs from 8 – 10 years.
After a period these hoses become hard and in flexible and in turn blow from there swagged fittings.
The second option is a Chinese product sold for around $80 Australian these hoses last for a period 3 – 6 months from all reports they seem to more flexible than the 2nd hand hoses yet the are not as old and are yet to last a period longer the 2 years.
The third option is an Australian made hose price around $400 manufactured in Australian with high pressure hose and stainless steel fittings. This option seems to be the choice of the majority of the Astra Convertible Owners.
The final option is to purchase genuine hose and it is best to get pricing from your local Holden Dealer

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  2. Jack says:

    Hi all, one of the hydraulic hoses on the roof has blown out on my partners 2002 Astra cabriolet. I’ve read a few posts on this forum and it seems to be a common issue which is fixed by replacing the entire hose length.

    I had a quick look at the pump end today (located in the boot just behind the rear light) and can’t work out how the hose actually disconnects from the pump – can anyone advise on how to remove the hose?

    I tried unscrewing one, and removing the top plate on the pump as i thought it maybe acting as a locking plate but neither worked – thought i’d best check on here first before i do any damage!

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  3. Stevo says:

    ALNO offer great Australian made hose

    Quality product and great fitting advice

    Thanks Eric

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