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Astra Roof Hose a Cost effective solution

Astra Roof Hose a Cost effective solution

A common problem with the TS Astra Convertible is Replacing a roof hose along with roof oil.
The original roof hose last around 7-8 years where one or two hoses generally need replacing this is dependant on the number of times the a roof has been opened.
There a ten hose hydraluic hoses in the TS Astra Convertibles.
Replacing all ten hoses is a practical idea as all hoses have basically been operating for the same period and remains a Cost effective solution
The best way to check the health of an Astra convertible roof is by timing the roof to open and close. A roof starting to taken longer to either open or close is the first sign that components in the mechanical system will soon need to be replaced.   Alno-Product-Services_MREC_ANIMATED  

Australian Made Astra Roof Hose

Replacing genunie hose at $1100 per hose can be an expensive option, the best option on the market today in terms of cost and life of the hose would be the Australian made hose from ALNO. This year From Septmber to December the team at ALNO is throwing in the oil and tech support when you replace a set of Australian made hose.  

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