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Astra Convertible Boot

Twin Top Astra Convertible Boot

TS Astra Convertible

Do you have a problem with your Astra Convertible Boot Will Not open

TS Astra Convertible

On the TS Astra Convertible or the Bertone Astra, the Boot has a micro switch in which the roof controller looks for a signal prior to open the automated roof.

When the roof does not finish its opening or closing cycle the roof controller does not released a switch which allows the boot to open.

Astra Convertible boot Stuck

AH Astra Convertible

Astra Boot Stuck

On the AH Astra and your Boot will not move there has been a lot written yet what we do know is our experience and our experience is

Moving this piece of plastic will not open the boot,  It will only cost you $150 in parts and a couple of hours in labor, but you will still need to open the boot

AH Astra Boot Stuck

The team ALNO know what they are doing having owned and maintained many Astra Convertibles since 2004.

Our team offer cost effective solutions save time and save money with our team

We will not guess what is wrong with your Astra.

Generally speaking on the AH Astra when the boot not opening can happen when someone is trying to fix the roof or the boot is closed trying to get the roof in a position to get the roof working and it is not able to be open in the usual fashion.

In 90% of the cases the team at ALNO believe when the boot can not open is due to someone trying to fix the roof and in more times than not the boot latch needs to be replaced.

In 100% of cases when the AH Astra Convertible stops working it is only one part that stops the roof from operating. If you replace that one part the roof will continue to operate.

In every other case where two or more parts are replaced this happen when some tries to move the roof pushing or pulling parts exerting forces on parts that the parts were not design to with stand.

From an Astra Convertible owner point of view you will save money and time if the team at ALNO repair your Astra Convertible roof.

Astra Convertible Boot Problem

What is common for both Astra Convertibles is when someone does not know how to fix your Astra before they start it will cost you more

To save money contact ALNO today

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