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Astra Roof Hose

Astra Roof Hose

Astra convertible roof hose

The team at ALNO offer a range of Hydraulic Hoses to suit the TS and AH Astra Convertibles we offer Australian made hose and the HEL brand hose.

Many customers ask which is the best Astra Hydraulic Hose to suit my car, well the answer is they all suit or fit your car but what do want from your Hydraulic hose

More importantly where do you live Australian summers are a lot warmer than European or English summers

If you live in Australia there are a number of considerations to take into account firstly which state do you live in?

The temperature can affect the functionality of the hydraulics in the roof.

90% of our client tell us that the hose blew on a warm or hot day.

Secondly your budget what are the plans for your car how long are you going to keep it?

Thirdly who is going to fit the Astra hydraulic roof hose to your car are you going to fit it yourself or take it to a mechanical or Holden dealer.

Where do I find the details on how to fit the Roof hose or roof pipe to my Astra Convertible?

The team at ALNO can assist you with all that you are looking for when it comes to the Astra range of convertibles be a Hard Top or Soft Top, they have been working on the TS Astra since 2004 and the AH Astra since 2007

ALNO Product Services offer number after-market components for the Range of TS and AH Astra Convertibles.

With regard to the Astra Hydraulic Hose ALNO supply a direct replacement convertible hydraulic hose for the General motors Astra, both the TS and AH Astra Convertibles.

There is no messing around patching one end of a hose and then the other end blows a couple off a weeks later, ALNO Supply new hose with new fittings.

The hose and end fittings for the Australian made hose are manufactured in workshop on the New South Wales Central Coast.

The Australian made hose is the High Pressure hose is the same grade same quality that is used on the space shuttles.

Along with the hydraulic Hose ALNO Product Services offer the Astra convertible roof oil.

This grade of hydraulic oil, has been tested and is a 100% matches in comparison to the Genuine Roof oil.

A little while ago we were fortunate enough to stumble across this grade of oil at an auction.

ALNO offer a second grade type of hydraulic oil that is readily available yet from our initial tests it shortens the life cycle of both hydraulic pump and pump motor.

In most cases Astra Convertible Roof Hose and Roof Oil can be express post with next day delivery Australia wide.

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The team at ALNO Product Services have been developing parts for the Astra TS and AH Convertible since 2003

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