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Astra Convertible Roof Parts

Astra Convertible Roof Parts

Having repaired over 75 latches each year for the past 8 years.

ALNO Product Services have developed a network of qualified Mechanics across Australia

That fit our Astra Convertible Roof Parts to cars

Furthermore there ar a number of do it yourselfwho have taken advantage of Astra Convertible Roof Parts Phone Tech Support that ALNO Product Services offer

Astra Roof Latches

Broken Roof latches on your Astra Convertible is a common issue across the range of Astra convertibles.

One can assume that the latches have been design to fail, yet as failure of these latches protects the hydraulic system from failure.

One could suggest that failure is good well in some instances.

If the hydraulic system fails the cost of replacing / overhauling it is out weighted by the cost of replacing the roof latch, in terms of labour alone.

To date there has not been an Astra Convertible that the team at ALNO Product Services has not been able to get going.

So if you were in the car when it stop working or if some else was driving our team has developed

A number of tests to establish what are causing your roof to fail.

In terms of changing bearings in latches from our experience this has no effect of the function of the latch in terms of opening and closing

Yet there is a direct relationship between the amount of torque required to open and close the latch.

Replacing the bearings with deep groove roller bearings requires more torque for the same amount of work be it distance over time.

As a result early failure of the forward roof motors starts to fail in comparison to Astra Convertible Roof that have not had their bearings replaced.

We are aware of one case, where a do it yourself or unqualified mechanic has modified the latch and

The hydraulic system has failed when the roof was opening, the hydraulic system need to be fully overhauled.

The team at ALNO have over 8 years’ experience in servicing Astra Convertible with Broken Roof Latches

On Astra Convertible Roofs that have issues with the roof stopping half way. As these cars get older we suggest that it is best

To get a professional to look at your roof when it comes to Astra Roof Latches

If you looking to purchase Astra roof latches Pricing

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ALNO Product Services have developed a list of reputable mechanics across Australia that the end user / customer have been more than happy with regard to the service they provide.

In many cases our team have assisted many Astra owners in replacing and fitting Astra Convertible Roof Parts themselves, in some cases there has been a number of issues there is no point in replacing latches if the Roof Process Controller is causing the latches to fail.

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Astra Roof Latch

Astra Roof Latches



Latch Components to suit Astra Convertible Roof Parts are fully CNC machined at our Central Coast Facility

from Billet 6061 (T6) Aircraft grade Aluminum.

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