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Aftermarket Automotive Machining Services – Custom Built Components

Apart from machining Astra Convertible roof parts the team at ALNO Product Services also a custom design and machining service.

Machining of custom automotive components from one-off quantities through to production runs of over 1000 units

is a service our machinists are proud to be a part of.

Our highly trained designers and machinists are passionate about providing high quality design & machining service.

For our team members they carry an up lifting sense pride to see there work cursing around

the streets or slicing up the times on the track.


Components can be machined to a client’s specification or our team of Engineers / Mechanical Designers can design components to meet your needs. In many cases our clients look for either better performance or cleaner form profile to fit or match.

Our development team offers a 3-D parametric rendering service that creates an image of what the client imagines.

Furthermore it provides the client with a greater sense of confidence along with clarity prior to machining components.

Reverse engineering and component optimization are both extend options for the custom design and machining clients.

From custom blow off valves through to Structural Bell-housing modifications to accept a 5 speed

or 6 speed gear box, the team at ALNO Product Services offers a first class service.

alno automotive

Our clients seeking a custom design and machining experience include:

  • Panel Beaters
  • General Public
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Backyard mechanics
  • Traditional mechanic work shops
  • Race teams
  • Automotive restorations
  • Custom builders

For more information on Custom Machining or our Custom Design Services

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