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Astra Convertible Roof Parts

Astra Convertible Roof Parts

As more and more information is posted on line we are seeing more and more people seeking to fix there Astra convertibles at home.

Yet some sometimes it is a good idea to get someone whom has fixed these car before to help you in the first instance

We are beginning to see many of the automotive forums with advice on how to fix there cars

Many of these are short term fixes like patching up one end of a hose and then the other end of the hose blows.

or bolting together a couple pieces of plastic with glue to hold broken plastic together if a solid piece of plastic

was to break what are the chances of less plastic breaking.

As the Astra Convertible roofs move forward into the second decade of operation new problems

or challenges are discovered and each week research and development team at

ALNO Product Services develop more products or or enhance the existing product range.

Astra Roof Hose

Convertible Roof Hose is a critical component in terms of roof kinematics or roof motion. The genuine roof hoses types on both the Astra Bertone Soft Top convertible and the Twin Top Hard Top Convertible start to deteriorate over time. The type of deterioration is different between convertible type, yet what is common that the average daily temperature and the change in temperature that the Convertible sit or operates in is directly related to the life span of the hose.
As There are no automotive designers in Australia designing automotive convertibles then convertible do not get designed for Australia climate
Many of the hose companies that manufacture hoses specify the working pressure and the burst pressure and working temperature.
These are great number to compare between hoses the reality is that the original hoses offered the same rating
or something similar when the car was manufactured.
The most interesting thing is when it comes to hose engineering it is never the hose that fails, it is always the fittings connected to the hose.
The hose blows off the fittings for the hoses that have been installed properly the other type of failure is where the hose has not been installed or secured properly and get pulled or pinched through the roof motion.
Many of this convertible will become classic cars in to the future in comparison to the the regular sedan.
What is certain is that more sedan end up being stripped for parts at the wreckers and then squashed at the local steel merchant.
So when it comes to spending money on your classic convertible it makes more sense to buy a quality product rather and a cheap European product that will more than likely be replaced in the year as it was not designed for the Australian climate.

Astra Roof Oil

Many convertible roofs need to pushed 90% of the convertible roofs that need pushing have used the wrong convertible roof oil.
The team at ALNO have had an independent oil test laboratory test both the genuine Astra Convertible for both the Astra Twin Top and the Astra Soft Top and they are different oils based on what has been tested.
There are a number of hose companies and mobile hose advertising the roof oil as ISO 22, ISO 32 and ISO 42.
What we can suggest is that there is no magic bullet there is not one oil as each convertible roof is different that is between each model the roof weights a different weight and the roof kinematics or roof motion for each model is different therefore the type of oil is different so what we would suggest that is if you do not want to push your roof by hand then used the correct oil specified by your convertible manufacturer.
For more information on getting your roof working in a cost effectively contact ALNO Product Services today

 The team at ALNO Product Services have been developing parts for the Astra TS and AH Convertible since 2005

for more information with regard to the Astra Convertible roofs

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