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Astra Convertible Help


We need Astra Convertible Help

Hope you can help us out

We have replaced this pipe with a new one

Convertible Roof

Pipe that has been replaced

The roof was working again after the first pipe failure and re- bleed,

however we temporally and gently re crimped and now longer operates the full cycle of operation.

Roof pull back & Tonneau cover lock down once roof is down

Convertible Soft Top Repairs

Secondary pipe that has failed

Any assistance would be great as very limited knowledge on these systems up here

The Roof Opening.


The roof stop or pauses any help would be awesome


The Cover Closing

The Lid just takes too long too close


It has been many years since the Holden Dealers trained there mechanics on the TS Astra Convertible, so these days Dealerships contact the team at ALNO for advice on getting the Convertible roofs moving again.

The second issue which stops convertible roofs are the poor quality and used roof components to get the roof moving, many customers are looking to get the cheapest solution and in many case the cheapest solution will need to be replaced on a few weeks time or a Holden Dealership will contact our team for more assistance.

Astra Roof Latches

Astra Roof Hose

Convertible Roof Repairs

TS Astra – Soft Top

AH Astra – Twin Top


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2 Comments to “Astra Convertible Help”

  1. Alan says:

    Hello I’m after some advice please before I pull my hair out I have a code on my astra roof b1302-4 hallsensor header close circuit open / low input and my roof won’t open but if I manually open it it will start working until it gets to the end then stops again

    Any help would be great thank you


    • admin says:

      Hello Alan

      Thanks for your question

      Can we get some more details

      Like a smart phone video of the roof in operation

      Where it stops

      We may get you to take a few more pictures once we have the video

      So from what I understand you take the roof to the open position and then you close it

      Can you confirm

      Also can you show in the video the roof going in both directions forward and backwards that is before it gets to the spot where it stops ummm assuming it stops in the same position

      Tell me Alan where are you located and is it your Astra

      Some things to check could be

      Oil Level Astra
      Roof Scan Details
      Convertible Hose Inspection
      Roof Latch Inspection
      Roof Inspection


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