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Astra Convertible Parts

Astra Convertible Parts

Supplying TS Astra Parts Since 2004

Are you looking for help with getting your Astra convertible roof moving. The Tech Support Team ALNO Product Services are more than happy to review a smart phone video / movie showing your roof moving.

The position of where you roof stops basically identifies what the problem is with your convertible roof.

There is no need to have a tech two scan to get a list of fault codes that you need a university degree to understand.

For tech support help from ALNO Please forward your smart phone videos to

ALNO Tech Support

Astra Roof Hose

ALNO offer single roof hoses and sets of roof hose we offer new hose with new fittings. We do not offer hose that is cut, shut, crimp and welded together.

Many of the hose that is cut and shut from hose companies has a pressure build up as welding a 1.5mm hole matching another 1.5mm hole can be quite a challenge. This extra pressure build up causes by miss alignment of 1.5mm hose results other hoses to blow in the hydraulic system

If you have a cut a shut hose the team at ALNO are happy to replace the pressure creating hose at the same time we replace you blown hose

Roof Latches

Roof Latches that outlast

It is quite simple that plastic roof latches have been manufactured from 2001 to 2006 by General Motors contractors. 90% of these latches have been replaced

From 2004 to today the Team at ALNO have been manufacturing Roof latch replacement parts with Aluminum our latches last longer than 10 years

You can buy plastic latch parts today many of these part break within two to three weeks of fitting.

AH Astra Convertible

Astra Convertible Twin Top Parts

Quality AH Astra Roof Parts

Supplying AH Astra Parts Since 2008. The Hard top or twin top is a new product in the Holden convertible range that was included from 2006.

When repairing the Twin top please take care and don't try to do it on your own. The twin top roof is much heavier than the soft top roof and requires to people to fit parts. Cutting costs with just one worker or trying to do it on your own can lead to personal injury and or damage to the Roof

For tech support help from ALNO Please forward your smart phone videos to

ALNO Tech Support

Astra Roof repair Quotations from 425+ GST

Research & Development

Product Design

The team at ALNO Product Serivces offer a first class Product Design and Prototype manufacture Service.

From concept to manufacture you would not need to compromise you intellectual property with more than one company.

For a cost effective product design and manufacture service on the CentraI Coast contact ALNO Product Services today.

Solidworks Designers

The team at Alno Product Services use the Latest in 3D solid modelling tools. Our Design process has been in a development pipe line for over 20 years, and remains under constant evaluation.

Alno Product Services are specialists in providing cost effective manufacturable design solutions in terms of inital investment and on going operation cost.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining Central Coast

Component Manufacture

The team at Alno offer a first class Design and Machining service with over 25 years engineering experience.

We offer an effective and yet efficient service in terms of both initial investment and on going operational cost.

ALNO Product Services offer both a Design and Machining Service, many of our clients prefer Alno Product Services

From Concept to Design & Production you only need to disclose your intellectual property to one company.

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